Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Birthday Month!

Yes that means we get to celebrate my birthday for a whole 31 days, I like to make the most out of these sorts of things. I started celebrating a little bit early this year by buying myself a ticket to Scotland and in doing so I decided to take a little look at the role constellations play in Celtic folklore. I found the story of Arianrhod the Celtic Moon Goddess who like the Greek Goddess Ariadne is associated with the constellation Corona Borealis.  Here is an excerpt from an article "Under a Celtic Sky: The lesser-known stories of the stars"In this article they make reference to Arianrhod and many other Celtic lore connected to the constellations.

The upper crest of stars
that spans the arms is
Corona Borealis
"To the Welsh, Perseus represents their hero Llew Llaw Gyffes, who was the child of Arianrhod (herself represented by the constellation Coronae Borealis). He was killed by his treacherous wife and her lover but, at the moment of his death, his soul turned into an eagle: Gwalchmai or the “hawk of May”. His uncle Gwydion searched for him and found him as the constellation Aquila after traversing Sarn Gwydion>, the Milky Way, and eventually restored him to life again. This story ties in with religious beliefs regarding the birth, death and re-birth of the sun from Celtic legends."

Corona Borealis is also referred to as Arianrhod's Castle as many references say that she herself was the moon and Corona Borealis was her palace also known as purgatory because it was there with her attendants that she decides the fate of the dead. She was the Goddess of childbirth, the moon, fertility and fate. 

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