Thursday, September 1, 2011

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Last weekend I got to do my first, and probably only, serious star gazing for the year. Oregon isn't exactly known for it's clear skies. I must admit that is one of the few things I miss about being a country girl, on those rare clear nights laying on the back deck listening to the creek rush by and watching the stars. As soon as it got warm out I would drag a mattress out there and spend a large number of the summer nights sleeping under the stars. The Perseid Meteor Showers always fell around my birthday so there was a good number of those flaming rocks streaking through the inky blue sky, it always seemed so magical making dozens upon dozens of wishes in one night.
Image by Dan Pesznecker (my father) Taken on our trip to San Nicolas, Mexico 2009.

While camping I got to relive some of those moments from my childhood. Laying out in a grassy field with perfectly clear skies. We even got to watch a decent sized thunder storm off in the distance, an even bigger rarity in Oregon than clear skies. I was kicking myself for not bringing along my tripod so I could get some long exposures of the stars moving across the sky like my dad did while on our trip to San Nicolas, Mexico. It was wonderful getting to gaze up at the beautiful twinkling lights in the night that inspire me so much. If I can capture just a fraction of their beauty in this project I will be happy.

Image by Dan Pesznecker (my father) Taken on our trip to San Nicolas, Mexico 2009. Looking out over the horizon of the Sea of Cortez, watching the world spin.

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